Pride in Sheffield 2020 Committee Elections

After a hugely successful Pride 2019, it's time to elect the committee for 2020! Read on below for details of how to get involved by standing for a committee role, or if you'd just like to vote, here are all the details you need:
Date: 1st October 2019
Time: 6.30pm-8.00pm
Location: SHU Stoddart Building, S1 2ND, room TBC
Remote voting: If you can't attend the election, you can vote remotely by email. If you opted to do this last year, you will be invited to again automatically - but feel free to register again to be sure. Otherwise, please email votes@prideinsheffield.net to register.
Standing for the Committee

Pride in Sheffield aims to be a community-led, community-focused Pride. That means that Pride works best with a diverse committee, with members of all ages, genders, experience & background etc. If you can commit regular time throughout the year, and want to contribute to putting on the biggest celebration of LGBT+ life in Sheffield - the best way to do that is to stand for a committee role!

Details of all the roles are listed below, along with the time commitment involved. The committee works together as a group, so don’t worry if you don’t have experience in every aspect of a role - the most important thing is that you’re willing to work together with the committee and the wider LGBT+ community, and volunteers, to put on the best event we can for the Sheffield LGBT+ community!

All roles will require attendance at meetings approx. 2 hours long throughout the year, exact schedule TBD but likely every 1-2 weeks, more frequent from April-July (assuming Pride takes place in July). All roles will also require 1-2 evenings (or 1 afternoon) a week, in most cases time requirements will increase from April-July. Some roles require more time, this is noted below.

All committee members must be available and in Sheffield during the summer holiday period. It is advised that members take time off from work or other commitments immediately prior to Pride, if possible.

If you would like to nominate yourself for a role, please write a short (max. 300 words) statement telling us what role(s) you would like to stand for, what your vision is for that role or for Pride in general, and why you think you’d be good at the particular role(s) you’re standing for, and send it to votes@prideinsheffield.net by 6:30pm on Saturday 28th of September.

If you would like to nominate yourself jointly with another person, you’re welcome to do so - please write a statement together.

If you would like to stand for multiple roles you are welcome to do so, however only the trans, BAME and disability reps are able to also hold another committee role. In the event that you win the election for multiple roles, first preference will be given to a role which cannot otherwise be filled; otherwise the election result with the highest margin will be given preference.

Committee Roles

This is a full committee election, which means that all roles are up for election. The roles are:



Responsible for:

  • Ensuring the committee is working smoothly
  • Chairing meetings
  • Representing the organisation publicly
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are being followed, including safeguarding
  • Supporting committee members who are struggling


Time commitment: Chairs may have to attend some meetings during the workday. Part of the chairs’ role is to support other committee members’ work, so the time commitment will vary throughout the year and will sometimes be significantly higher than for other committee members.


The chairs will usually be expected to be company directors.




Responsible for:

  • Organising meeting rooms and publicising meetings
  • Taking the minutes for every meeting
  • Publishing the minutes by e-mail and online
  • Managing the mailing list and following GDPR
    Answering or directing e-mails to the relevant person
  • Shares responsibility for organising and overseeing elections with the Accountability officer

The secretary will usually be expected to be a company director.




Responsible for:

  • Managing the bank account
  • Responding to payment queries from sponsors, suppliers and other partners
  • Producing invoices, completing supplier questionnaires and responding to purchase orders
  • Keeping detailed records of all incoming and outgoing payments, their sources/recipients and purpose
  • Providing detailed and clear accounts at regular intervals
  • Work with the committee to create and manage budgets
  • Overseeing all activity on the Pride accounts and reporting any misuse of funds or suspected fraud to the committee and/or police as appropriate.


The treasurer will usually be expected to be a company director.




Responsible for:

  • Ensuring policies and procedures are being followed, including safeguarding
  • Supporting committee members who are struggling
  • Proposing and amending policies, ensuring these are publicly available
  • Receiving and handling complaints, and following all relevant procedures
  • Ensuring the committee operations are transparent
  • Shared responsibility for organising and overseeing elections with the Secretary


The accountability officer will usually be expected to be a company director.




Responsible for:

  • Getting quotes for various services and equipment
  • Liaising with suppliers to ensure we have the correct services and equipment (including, but not limited to security, marquees, staging, first aid provision, generators and PAs)
  • Working with the Treasurer to ensure that invoices are processed correctly.
  • Attending Safety Advisory Group meetings organised by the council, and ensure that recommendations are reported to the committee and acted upon.
  • Working with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure there is sufficient stewarding in place.
  • Coordinating the act application process, committee voting process, and act communications in the run up to Pride, and working with the Treasurer to ensure expenses are paid following Pride.
  • Creating set lists and schedules.
  • Coordinating with BSL interpreters early in the year.
  • Liaising with stall holders and parade blocs.
    Working with the Treasurer on budgets and invoicing.
  • Managing the site of the event itself.
  • Managing the parade.



Responsible for:

  • Ensuring Health & Safety policies and procedures and risk assessments are up to date and to a high quality, and meet the requirements of statutory bodies (There will be some support from the council with this).
  • Working closely with the Event Coordinators  and Fundraising Officer to ensure that any events we put on are safe.
  • Attending Safety Advisory Group meetings organised by the council, and ensure that recommendations are reported to the committee and acted upon.
  • Managing Health & Safety issues on the day of Pride.


Time commitment:
This role requires attendance at Safety Advisory Groups and other meetings regularly through the year, which will usually take place during the day on weekdays.


Required skills/experience:

  • Prior understanding of Health & Safety legislation and procedures




Responsible for:

  • Organising and running regular fundraising events
  • Working with other organisations and partners to run fundraising events
  • Organise bucketshaking opportunities



Responsible for:

  • Identifying and applying for funding bids (both large national funds and smaller local funds)
  • Heading a working group to complete funding bids
  • Communicating with the rest of the committee to develop ideas that can be used in funding bids.
  • Completing monitoring 


Time commitment:
Funding bids are generally large documents which often have to be submitted on tight deadlines. As such, the person in this role will need to be flexible to commit more time than usual as it is needed.


Required skills/experience:

  • Good english reading and writing skills
  • Experience of bid writing




Responsible for:

  • Creating and distributing the Sponsorship Pack
  • Identify and contact potential sponsors, including local companies, organisations and businesses.
  • Maintaining relationships and ongoing sponsorship with previous years’ sponsors
  • Following the Due Diligence Policy and bringing offers from potential sponsors to meetings to be voted upon.
  • Responding promptly and politely to potential sponsors.
  • Ensuring that Pride in Sheffield fulfils its part of all sponsorship agreements


Time commitment:
This role will require regular discussion with sponsors, which will often take place during the day on weekdays and will involve phone, email and face to face conversations.


Please Note: This role is particularly important October to January, and will require more dedicated time during this period.



Responsible for:

  • Communicating with potential volunteers
  • Liaising with a variety of organisations to encourage people to volunteer
  • Managing volunteers on the day
  • Working with the Fundraising Officer to provide volunteers for fundraising events.



Responsible for:

  • Ensuring we have a strong media presence and are marketing ourselves well
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Designing and printing flyers and posters
  • Creating a plan for advertising and promoting the event
  • Liaising with traditional media including radio
  • Oversight responsibility for webmaster & tech support


Please Note: Although useful, tech support and graphic design are not vital to the role, and can be fulfilled by another person, the Media & Marketing Officer is only responsible for ensuring that those tasks are completed.




Responsible for:

  • Taking on tasks that match their skill set
  • Supporting the rest of the committee with their tasks


Elections for Representative roles (including Faith Rep, BAME Rep, Trans Rep and Disability Rep) will be run through the caucuses.

There will be a review of whether a Community Outreach role will be required, if required the election for this role will be held at a later date.

Voting Process

It will be possible to vote in person at the meeting or by email if you’re not able to attend the meeting.
Voting for committee roles will be held by Alternative Vote, except for Floating Committee roles which will be done by Multi-Member First Past the Post system, where you will chose four candidates.

Voting in Person

The nominees for the various positions will be written on as a list at the meeting. Everyone will have a piece of paper, a ballot paper, on which they can write down the nominees they want to vote for.

Alternative Vote -  number the nominees in order of preference. You do not have to give a preference to every candidate - if there is a candidate you don’t want to vote for at all, you can just leave them off your list. You can also vote “RON”, or “reopen nominations”, if you think that there are no other suitable candidates and it would be better to rerun the election for that position.

Multi-Member First Past the Post - for Floating Committee members - you will write down the names of up to eight candidates you would like to vote for. The eight candidates who receive the greatest percentage of the votes will be elected. You can also vote “RON”, or “reopen nominations”, if you think that there are no other suitable candidates and it would be better to rerun the election.

Counting Ballots

Once all the ballots are collected, they will be counted individually for every committee position. Results will be announced as soon after the meeting as possible, once all ballots (in person and online) have been counted. This will probably take a couple of days.

Alternative Vote - For each position, first preference votes will be counted. If anyone has received 50% of the votes, they will be elected. Otherwise, the person who has received fewest first preference votes will be eliminated from the election, and the ballots which gave first preference to that candidate will be recounted using their second preference. This will continue until one candidate has at least 50% of the vote: that candidate will then be elected, and if their nomination stated that they wanted to share the role, the first runner up will also be elected as co-whatever. If this is all a bit dense, you can see a video explanation of the process, with bonus nostalgic referendum boilerplate, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FstA45lxgFs

Multi-Member First Past the Post System - A simple vote counting algorithm in which ballots are counted and the candidates with the highest percentage of votes wins. Elections with more than 2 candidates, a majority of the votes (greater than 50% of the total) is not needed to win. For example, after an election is run, if candidate 1 has 25 votes, candidate 2 has 35 votes, and candidate 3 has 40 votes, candidate 3 wins even though they only have 40% of the total ballots cast. When running a multi-seat election (3 directors are elected from 7 candidates) the candidate with the highest percentage will win the first seat, the second-highest percentage wins the second seat, and so on, until all seats are filled. (https://electionbuddy.com/features/voting-systems/plurality-voting)