The Pride in Sheffield 2019 committee aim to make this the most accessible Pride that Sheffield has seen. Accessibility is not an after-thought to us rather central to everything we do: Accessibility is a queer issue.

We are currently searching for the right venue for the event and will be publishing detailed access information on the parade, event and venue so that anyone with access needs has the information they need to take part in Pride in Sheffield 2019.

Our meetings take place in accessible spaces. This website has options to allow you to view the content in the size that best suits you (browser dependent). We have an accessibility working group and an Accessibility Officer on the executive committee. We are developing our safer spaces and accountability policies.

Of course we want to hear from you on how we're doing, what we can do better, general feedback or if you want to get involved with accessibility at Pride in Sheffield. Whatever it is, use the contact form below to get in touch.